Cheeseburger Holster

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Have you ever been in the woods or maybe on a long adventure through the great plains of Oklahoma? If you have, then you know the delicacy of a cheesy, greasy American staple. You might look around and wish you could find a burger joint at your convenience, but it never seems to be in sight. 

WELL NOW YOU ARE IN LUCK. Carry a burger with you on any occasion. Attending a wedding? Maybe a funeral? The only choice you have is to stay strapped, or get clap. Carry that burger in the M.C. Double (Milwaukee Custom Double for those of you asking). 

Kydex is the only option you should trust housing that delicious grease pad. You simply can not have a stronger holster for your assets. 


Burger NOT Included

Not responsible for stale food or your obesity

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Lifetime Guarantee.