• Bladetech MOLLE-LOK (2 pack)

    Bladetech MOLLE-LOK (2 pack)

    The Blade-Tech Molle-Lok gives you the convenience and versatility you need when customizing how you carry your gear. The Molle-Lok is designed for both stability and ease of...

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  • Bladetech Tek-Lok

    Bladetech Tek-Lok

    The Blade-Tech® Tek-Lok® Attachment is a versatile belt attachment platform that allows the user to securely attach gear to their belt. Featuring a secondary lock, the...

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  • Bladetech Tek-Mount Mini Kit

    Bladetech Tek-Mount Mini Kit

    The Tek-Mount™ Mini is a two-part quick connect mounting system that consists of a receiver and a Mini 360 Insert Disk- Just like the full size Tek-Mount. Much like the...

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  • Bladetech Tek-Mount Kit

    Bladetech Tek-Mount Kit

    The Tek-Mount™ is a two-part quick connect mounting system consisting of a Receiver and a 360 Insert Disk™. This mounting system provides the same function,...

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  • Bladetech Midride w/Thigh Strap

    Bladetech Midride w/Thigh Strap

    The new and improved Duty Drop and Offset is a customizable, mid-rise attachment made to drop your holster and clear space for a faster, cleaner draw. Made in the USA with an ergonomic...

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  • Thigh Strap

    Thigh Strap

    Blade-Tech's Thigh Strap is made from durable Nylon Webbing and rubberized stitching to last a lifetime. With its stout buckles, the thigh strap can be adjusted easily to the size of your thigh...

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