Radio Carriers

Here you will find all currently available radio carriers from us to date. If you have a radio that we do not make a carrier for please email for additional information.

  • RACC


    The Rapid Access Comms Carrier (RACC) is truly a one of a kind product 100% made in USA. We build the RACC unit because we saw a common issue of frequent access to your comms being difficult or a longer process than it should be. The RACC is a fold out...

    $43.00 - $50.00
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  • UV-5R Volume Soft Lock

    UV-5R Volume Soft Lock

    the Volume Soft Lock is simple but crucial to retain your volume adjustment. This SLA printed Volume Lock is made from High Impact Resin and has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability. Simply, slide the lock one way or the other to...

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  • Messenger Radio Carrier

    Messenger Radio Carrier

      The Messenger Radio Carrier series contains all of the following features throughout the different models we support. The Messenger is a two piece Kydex carrier designed to protect your radio in every way possible. Featuring a "hot-mic" proof...

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  • Exoskeleton


    A protective exoskeleton for your Baofeng UV-5R/BF-F8 or UV-82 radios. This mounts to the radio using the two pocket clip screw holes (mounting screws included). It prevents the volume knob from accidental adjustment and the PTT button from being...

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