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 This premium Non-Lightbearing holster is a simple "of the shelf" configuration for those looking to purchase in a rush or don't require the customizations found in the "Custom Alpha Series" holster products. This is the holster for the airsoft industry. Throughout years of development, the Alpha Series brings the consumer the best fitment for airsoft replicas unlike any other company in the USA. We strive for TRUE fitment inside our holsters. 


Customization is just the beginning for the Alpha Series Holsters. We want to represent our brand by giving the consumer the most options possible to better suit your needs. We are offering several other variants within the Alpha Series Holsters. The Alpha (Non-Lightbearing), AlphaLB (Lightbearing), and the AlphaX (NLB versions that fit with mock suppressors/tracer units).


The standard features are;

  • Ambidextrous

  • Dual screw retention adjustments

  • Re-holster bevel

  • RDS optics cut

  • Accepts <.55" co-witness iron sights

  • Extended control blocking

  • Fully covered safeties, controls, and trigger

  • Aluminum Holster Mount Plate

  • Open bottom for flush profile compensators or tracer units


Customization Options:

    With our new tooling we are now offering many variations in profile cuts to our holsters. This is a big step into giving more options to you as a consumer. You can now select Ambidextrous cut holsters, Right Handed cuts, Left handed cuts, and everything in between. These customizations include optional guard heights, muzzle length cuts, colors and patterns on the Kydex, and eventually flamboyant screw colors.



   Guards are the "fins" that rise up above the ejection port on the holsters. The inner guard will prevent an over garment from entering the mouth of the holster, and act as a guide for holstering. The outer guard will be protection against foreign abrasion, i.e. brush or obstacles.  


Muzzle Lengths:

   The muzzle lengths are the bottom lengths cut from the holster. The length selected will either be cut flush to the muzzle of the pistol or will extend past the muzzle and protect a threaded barrel. Here's an example. If ordering a Glock 19 holster you can specify for the holster to be flush with the G19 or request the extended cut (which ends up being the same length as a G34).

Guards and Muzzle Length cuts are the two options available. Most of our dealers will see the benefit in our Dual Guard and Longest Cut. We will make this option the standard when ordering unless specified. We have attached a diagram in your sample email to illustrate the different guards and muzzle lengths. 


Warranty Information

Lifetime Guarantee. Breaks, cracks, deformation under standard use will be replaced with the same SKU or similar.

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